Parachute Xtreme!

Parachute Xtreme! is a "survival instinct" game as it involves the creative and often serious destruction of enemies as you jump and race towards the ground to become the best Base-jumper in the world!

Ranked #6 in France App Store Games category!

Downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first month!

Featured in "What's Hot" by Apple!

Its a classic combination of strategy and skill game with a dose of story thrown in, and it features great art and animations and realistic sound-effects and music.

You need to open the Parachute before you crash on the ground and before all the opponents land.

A total of 8 worlds, 6 opponents and 32 levels that will challenge your reflexes and tactical thinking.


Buy several Power-ups from the shop at no extra cost.

- Extra Health:
Buy an extra pack of health to survive through several rounds of jumps.

- Nitro Boost:
Tap the Nitro button to accelerate your speed and reach the ground faster.

- Machine Gun:
Once you open your parachute, tap on the other opponents to shoot them down.

- Instant Parachute:
Upgrade your parachute to reduce your landing impact.

- Terror From Hell:
Use this special power to randomly kill one opponent before you jump!

- I Am God!:
You will not lose any health due to your rough landings by using this special power.

These power-ups will automatically get unlocked as you progress through the levels and you can then redeem them in the shop with your game score.


- Tap the screen to Jump, and Tap again to open your parachute.
- The last person to land gets eliminated
- Use the Altimeter to judge the height of your jump
- Tilt the device to collect Bonus points while jumping
- Dodge obstacles like bombs that may destroy you while you freefall
- Use a Machine Gun to kill other opponents
- Tap on the Nitro button to gain extra speed while you jump
- Land on the highlighted green spot to gain bonus points
- Use special power-ups from the shop.


"Show Off Your Superior Survival Skills, Save the Girl with Parachute Xtreme. In a world where so many things are the same, finding something different can be as difficult as it is exciting."
- [Score: 9/10]