Saturday, 25 August 2012 12:06

Aqua Jam released on Appstore by Wizards Production and 6 Waves Inc.

Aqua Jam is the latest iOS game to be developed by Spiel Studios, in association with Wizards Production and Published by 6 Waves, Inc., which is now available on iTunes Appstore.

Aqua Jam targets both casual and action gamers to take up the role of a family who is fighting to rescue their kidnapped parents, fight various enemies that attack you with different weapons. You can buy better weapons and upgrades to defend yourself and beat the pirates!

* 35 levels and 7 different worlds with unique graphics and enemies in each world
* 8 different weapons and upgrades
* Upgrade your raft for more characters and better stability on the water
* Share your score on Facebook and Twitter
* Compare your score with other players
* Block attacks by buying shields and restore your health using health potions

An overall a cute, engaging, addictive and entertaining game which will keep you coming back for more. In the current version you earn coins by winning stages, you can also earn coins from the offer wall or by watching video ads, you can also buy additional coins with in-app purchases.

The game reached the top 100 app in the games category in 39 countries including the US and UK app stores.

Aqua Jam iTunes:

Aqua Jam HD iTunes: